drummer_sridharSridhar was born on 9th November 1981, to Mr. Balakrishnan and Mrs. Meenakshi. His Parents were doing farming for livelihood. The year 1998, brought a turning point in Sridhar’s life. It was this year on the 5th of May; he started learning to play drums from the well known drummer Mr. Gopal. He developed a passion for drums and realized that drum beat is going to be not only his profession but his heart beat as well. Rigorous practice and determination to be a master drummer have led him to this limelight that he is enjoying now.

Drummer Sridhar has gained experience by playing for Mr.Y.G. Mahendran, Mr.Raghuraj  Chakravarthy (Late), Mr.Malarvannan, Mr.Embar Kannan and Mr.Paul Jacob (Music Director) .He is now playing for Abaswaram Ramji, Flute Navin, Thiruvarur Vaidhyanathan,  Dr.”Ghatam” Karthick, Keyboard Sathya, D.A. Srinivas, Trichur Brothers and Mr. Thaianban.

Sridhar is running a music Troupe by name: Sukkiravaari”. His drum beats have got him fans all over the world. His long feet desire was to play drums non-stop for 121 hours and to create Guinness record in playing drums.

Sridhar is a talented painter also. His amazing talent does not seek the medium of canvass for his paintings, but rather chooses the inside of bottle and egg.
He is also a black belt in Taekwondo Style Karate.