After creating a record in painting political leaders and others inside bottles, Sridhar extended this wonderful art on inside egg shells. Eggs were hollow by piercing two small holes in them and they were dried well. The inside of these egg shells have been used, as a media for exhibiting Sridhar’s artistic skills. In this amazing art work done in eight shells, he had depicted Vinayakar, Gandhi, TajMahal, Ms. Jayalalitha, Mr.Barack Obama, Dr. Abdul Kalam






Sridhar has drawn and painted as many as 181 images of people inside a single bottle and has stunned the world. This single bottle took him 2 months to draw. He has drawn national leaders of Tamil Nadu, Sports stars and film stars and it is the result of his handwork, he says. Through his paintings inside the bottle he has given life to some famous people who are no more now.









Sridhar says that he wanted another novelty in drawing images inside bottles and then he created the Thriuvalluvar image. He collected 100 horlicks bottles ad assembled them (10*10) and drew the image of Thriuvalluvar in them. This took him 2 months to complete and it has won the admiration of all.

Drawing and Painting inside bottles. Sridhar chose bottle as a medium for painting images. When this idea occurred to him he drew Chatrapathi Shivaji’s image inside a glass tumbler. He then drew inside Horlicks Bottles. Later on he chose foreign bottles with very narrow necks and started to draw images inside them. So far he has drawn and painted images inside 1000 bottles. He has won the appreciation of many great people for this.